What We Do

Our duty is to create effective Strategies through Brandingand Marketing. With a great Website Design, Photography, and Video Productionsin place, our full serviceswill enable you to create a leverage in high competition environments, leading to an increase in conversions.



We collaborate with our clients to create effective communication strategies that are authentic to their brand. Because without clarity, no one knows your brand better than you. With branding and marketing plan in place, it will help position your business advance your competitors.

Strategy Services: Brand Consulting, Marketing Consulting, Research and Audit, Positioning, User Profiles and Journeys, Customer and Revenue Segmentation, Brand Attributes, and Competitive Audit.

Branding + Design

Brand presentation302

The brands in which inspires are the brands that thrive. A company’s personality and values are expressed through branding and storytelling. Build a brand that contributes and resonates with people to nurture lasting relationships.

Branding + Design Services: Logo Design and Brand Identity Systems, Naming & Messaging, Brand Style Guide and Media Kit, Marketing and Brand Collateral + Print Solutions, Environmental Design & Exhibition Design, Editorial Layout and Design, Art and Creative Direction, Digital Multimedia Design, Illustration Design, Social Media Cover Image/Branding, and Advertising (Print/Digital).

Web Design


In our connected world, navigation through the responsive website can be a bit complex. We can help make it all much simpler through building a user-centric interface web design in which promotes efficient engagement between you and your customers and also assuring mobile friendliness.

Web Services: Responsive Web Design, Development and Maintainance, Web Architecture Audit, User Experience (UX) Design, Content Creation, Copyedit, Copywriting, Content Management System (CMS), Online Reputation & Social Media Management, and Search Engine Indexing.

Video Productions


Our full video productions will showcase your brand and story, futhering your relationship with your customers. Our world today revolves around animation videos and we've realized it is crucial for branding building and recognition.

Production Services: Short Film, Feature Film, and Micro-Documentary Film. Corporate and Marketing Video Services: Commercial, Informercial, Promotional, and Branding Video, Educational, Training, Instructional, Recruitment and Testimonial Video, Product Explainer, Vblog, Live Event Video, Talents and Actors Recruiting, Video Editing. Animation, Visual Effect, Sound Effect, and Sound Record Studio.

Commercial Photography


CineCrown offers a wide range of photography services. From company event & headshot to creative photo manipulation, we help your branding & marketing visually standout from your competition.

Photography Services: Headshot, Product and Food Photography, Creative Lighting Photography, Creative Art and Portraits, Photo Manipulation, Composition, Retouching and Editing, Color Correcting, and High Res Imaging Archiving.

Digital Marketing


We provide a full innovative and effective marketing strategies through traditional print & digital marketing, SEO, PPC, social media, local television advertising, and media buy. Which ultimately helps our clients grow their businesses and realize their marketing goals.

Marketing Services: Lead Generation, Strategy and Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertisement, Digital Marketing Implementation, Analytic Tracking & Ongoing Support, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Trend Monitoring, Television Advertising, Media Buy, and Event Marketing.



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Hear What Others Have To Say

CineCrown really went above and beyond to help us demonstrate the mission and work of our organization on screen. Martin was kind and patient with the subjects of our video, some of whom had survived serious trauma and that made a HUGE difference in comfortably sharing their stories. We were on a very short timeline and Martin sat with us editing, practically frame by frame, to ensure the authenticity of the message was just right. He poured his heart into the project and the final video was incredibly moving to leave our audience in tears."

David H.

LGBT President

"I'm an immigration law attorney who needed a professional headshot for internet marketing. I contacted Martin Vo at CineCrown because of his excellent Yelp reviews and convenient Midtown location. He knows very useful techniques to minimize shadow and define bone structure, and he quickly adjusted clothing so that I looked slimmer. He explained which poses and attire were best for various situations -- e.g. corporate marketing vs. website for a nonprofit board. It's obvious that he has a great academic background in IT and graphic design. What really makes for a great experience is his enthusiasm for his craft! We made a good connection because I represent many foreign nationals who are getting married, and he has a great reputation doing wedding photography for many different types of ceremonies."

Ann K.

Law Attorney

Well as a new company, we were still looking to promote our company and get new commercial videos done. We came across CineCrown on Yelp. They had a great of 5 stars user reviews company, so we reached out for some immediate commercial needs and they were available. They came down with the crew, they were very understanding and willing to work with us and help us create a commercial instead of just being there for the dollar amount. They actually cared about the company and what our service was and actually delivering our service statement, our mission statement

Rick B.

CEO Quick Legal