9 January 2019

All of the work that goes into video production....

There are more

A. Pre-Production

  1. Research and Analyze Audiences
  2. Brainstorming
  3. Concept Development
  4. Scripting

There are a many aspects that goes into the behind the scenes pre-production cost that our clients do not see us do. One of the first things that we do is research and analyze audiences. In order to completely understand your target market, we need to research and build a foundation on the group in which we are catering to. This helps us build a foundation in which we can base great content on to ensure maximum influence. The next step is brainstorming, which is utilizing creativity to conduct compelling videos that can sway your audience. Most of the time, we will need to sit down with our client to ask questions in which the answers will help us better this aspect. Once we've figured out our foundation and base, we then move into concept developement, which is fortifying the foundation and building upwards. We take the concepts to the next stretch and begin the necessary executions. One of the most important things that we do in video production comes down to scripting. The most effective way to draw a script is to create interviews which enables us to extract stories which are then utilized in your video. A powerful story is the way to attract loyal and long term customers that will continue to do business with you for the years to come.

B. Production

  1. Studio or On Location Set
  2. Light Design
  3. Sound Design
  4. Filming
  5. Directing

When it comes to productions, it is important to chose the proper location in which you will be casting your video from. Locations with emotional attatchments, such as places that the your business grew up on or places in the past that you use to occupy that help bring up the business, can potentially drive your emotions to feel a certain way which in terms enables you to be more persuasive in tone and body language.

For exmaple: Joe wants to do an interview in the first bakery that his dad opened up 20 years ago. To Joe, this place is filled with emotions and memories which will trigger his emotions during the interview. Emotions helps your audience engage with you because it is geuniune and they will be able to feel this.

Lighting is the next important thing. It sets the mood. Whether happiness, excitement, fun, extravagent, emotional, etc. lighting regulates these feelings. We help you chose the right lighting that will be appropriate for your video. We are equipped with the neccesary gear to target each and everyone of these moods. Of course, there is filming. Without the camera, there will be no video, but we want top notch quality videos only and this is why our gear is maximized for quality so that we can tell your story better. Our use of camera angles and perspectives will help make your video that much more compelling. Directing is one of the most important things that you would have done for your video production. We know that not everyone is great in front of the camera, and this is where directing comes in play. We help you change postures, change your tones, or body language in order to take over your audience and increase the intensity of engagement.

C. Post Production

  1. Editing
  2. Client Draft/Feedback
  3. Video Rendering

Once everything is finished with production, we move into post production. This allows us to dig into all the footages and begin building up to the final product. We spend time strategically cutting out the bad and leaving in the goods, dressing the video with the proper music that will allow it to persuave your story better, adding special effects to increase visuals, and anything else that we may see your video needs. The length in which we will need to edit, depends on how many hours of overal footage we spent shooting. We take rigorous actions to ensure that the end product will meet all of the goals set. Next step involves you, we make sure our clients are satisfied with the results and see if there is anything that needs changing. Once this step is completed with, we begin color grading and video rendering.

D. Distribution

Your final product is ready to be distributed! Whether you want it on youtube, vimeo, your website, etc. We can now start delivering to these locations and make it veiwable for your audience. Start sharing your story!

There are many aspects that are taken into account when laying out the cost of video production. Quality over quantity always! It is better to invest into a production video for your company that can only promote you for the better than for you to invest too little into a product which in turn can potentially hurt your business if all is not met. It is safe to say that you are better off making a larger investment if that means getting better quality and obtaining what will help you win for the next years to come. Your story matters, and it should be told.