Telling your story is one of the biggest things that you would ever have to accomplish in order to connect with your customers. Not many people will care in what you have to say unless you give them a reason to care. In today's world, the media, plays a large factor in the influence in our lives and although many may not realize it, it affects us in both negative and positive ways. Storytelling is a key factor to your business' growth and developement as well as the branding aspects. Utilizing storytelling through the digital medium, is one of the best ways to get your side accross to others, in this case, your customers.

Let's talk about one thing that you and your customers have in common, and that is, emotions. Emotions are powerful and every individual coming from various backgrounds, has it. The question is, how can you tell your story to engage with your customers emotionally, so that they care. Why should they care that you are a small local coffee shop owner on the corner of broadway street? Why should they come get their needs from you instead of the convenient Starbucks drive through? You can win them over by pricing perhaps, but in terms of business growth and scaling, getting into price wars will only degrade the market and cut your profits. So how can you obtain more customers, yet still have the proper pricings to reap your profits? Tell your story and leave value.

Give more to your customers, and you will get more from them. Develop your brand by starting with your story and building the culture of your business so that you can attract loyal customers who will return out of trust. Your story will help others be able to connect with you in a more personal way. Take aim and charge towards your customers with your willingness to give more in value.