The Difference Between Logo and Branding

12 June 2019

A logo is a graphic mark that identifies a company or an entity, whereas branding is the process of making your product stand out to others similar to yours. Branding is allowing you to stand out from other companies and the aim is to make you superior to them. The logo is only a part of the bigger image in what a business should do to. Branding is often neglected as people fail to realize the importance of it.

Brand Logo

Most people think that a brand logo is what they need from the start, but neglect to see it as the result of figuring out your brand identity first. A brand logo is only the aftermath of a great brand identity. Figuring out your niche, audience, and brand positioning is the beginning stages of the discovery of your end logo. This relates to the saying, write the title to fit the works of an essay and not the essay to fit the title. Before you begin your logo design, figure out what your brand identity first. Our team at CineCrown can help you figure this out.

What is a Brand

A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers. It is the idea or image that people think of when they think about your brand. It’s not just the visuals, and physicals, of a brand that create the brand, but more of the feeling that it gives to people. Products can be created by other companies, but the brand will be the only thing that remains unique to itself.

Brand Positioning

Successful brand positioning can be hard, but with some help, it doesn't have to be. You will have to answer some questions to gain a better understanding of what your business can do for your customers.

  • Understand what your customers want
  • Understand what your company’s capabilities are and how you can help
  • Understand your competitor and how they’ve positioned their brand

Once you’ve identified these three steps, you can then move on to the second set of steps which includes a positioning statement that will:

  • Resonate with your consumers
  • Be delivered by your company
  • Be different from what your competitors can offer..

Three water commercial video have three different brand feeling in which sways customers in a particular way. All these brands sell water, but the thing is they aim it towards different demographics and positioning. The key in this is to hone in on one group of people to further your branding agenda. Part of our duty for your business is to make sure that you are directing your attention to the appropriate channels as well as demographic.

Video 1: Evian promotes youth and makes you feel young when you drink it

Video 2: Perrier promotes sexiness and refreshingness

Video 3: Fiji promotes health and naturalness