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The Difference Between Logo and Branding

A logo is a graphic mark that identifies a company or an entity, whereas branding is the process of making your product stand out to others similar to yours. Branding is allowing you to stand out from other companies and the aim is to make you superior to them. The logo is only a part of the bigger image in what a business should do to. Branding is often neglected as people fail to realize the importance of it.

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The "Three C's" Rule of Branding

Strong brands have to be nutured and will take tine to grow with these three C's Rule

Branding Tips

Reasons to Outsource Your Digital Marketing - TOP 5

Are you considering hiring an outside digital marketing agency or consigning someone for a specialized advertising task? There are many CMO’s and business owners that are turning to experienced marketers/marketing agencies to assist in branding, advertising, & lead generation programs.

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Digital Marketing: Over the Ages

The rapid growth of technology, especially on the social media aspect has given the traditional marketplace a run for their money in the past thirty years. When the first PC was available for purchase, the rules in the marketing game were permanently changed.

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Tips for Picking an Extra-Ordinary Web Designer

Web design in Sacramento and across the online community has become a lot more sophisticated in the past few years. The first consideration should always be website design contacts in your immediate network of friends and colleagues.

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SEO is the process of converting your page to receive high-quality traffic from search engine results. Since Google owns most of the online traffic they will be referenced as the search engine provider. The changes that you make to your website are in hopes that it becomes more attractive to Google.

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The companies with the top SEO in Sacramento are able to get to the first page of Google, which leads to many customers finding and buying products on their sites. The great thing is that once a business is ranked on the first page for certain keywords, they acquire an enormous amount of free clicks and web traffic.

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Social Media Marketing in Sacramento

Social media marketing, commonly known as SMM, basically refers to a type of internet marketing which entails creating and sharing contents on the social media networks so as to achieve your branding and marketing goals. This type of marketing includes activities such as posting image and text updates, videos, along with other content which drives audience engagement.

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Choosing an SEO Consultant

The obvious should be first. The most common reason for seeking an SEO service is to boost your website or webpage rankings on search engines as part of your marketing strategy for your business. Meaning you should have other effective means of marketing as well. Driving people to your website is not enough.

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Website or Social Media

If you’re thinking about starting your own business or have already started then you have probably done some research on why it’s important to have a website. But I am not going to get into that because there’s already countless articles, blogs, and even videos on this subject all over the internet.

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Why does branding matter?

The first impression in which a prospect will have with you is through your branding. Just like how you would dress up well for a meeting, or for a job interview, first impression plays a big role on deciding factors. The brand is your dress, or your outfit, and it needs to look presentable so that you can score that great first impression on your prospects.

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The world today would starve without media. We live in a such a fast moving world filled with distractions every corner we turn, and most of us do not realize it. Media has taken over the world and people are more tuned into the internet than they were ever before, spending countless hours staring at the screens of their electronic computers.

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There are a many aspects that goes into the behind the scenes pre-production cost that our clients do not see us do. One of the first things that we do is research and analyze audiences. In order to completely understand your target market, we need to research and build a foundation on the group in which we are catering to.

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Grand Opening - Open House - New Location RSVP

We are so excited to have a grand opening on our new 3500 square foot studio in midtown. Wedding vendors, friends and new engaged couple are invited



Telling your story is one of the biggest things that you would ever have to accomplish in order to connect with your customers. Not many people will care in what you have to say unless you give them a reason to care.

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